What a year it has been so far as we roll into Independence Day 2020, and still there is so much bondage. Bondage comes in so many forms, and means so many things to so many people.

I keep thinking back to a story in the Bible where Jesus healed the lame man at the pool of Bethesda. This pool was a place where people went to be healed. One man in particular had been there for 38 years. When Jesus arrived at this place, he saw the man and knew he had been there for a long time. Here is what Jesus asked him, “would like to get well?” In answer to Jesus question, the man starts to give excuses as to why he can not get well. No one will help or everyone else gets there before me. (John 5: 1-7 Paraphrase) 38 years of bondage due to excuses and lack of responsible for ones own self. I recognize it because I can relate to it. So, how do we get out of it? We have to be open and honest about the question that Jesus asked, do you want to get well? Many of us have been conditioned by the people in our life to believe that we cannot get well. Most of the time it is people that we look up to and believe to be our mentors, even family. Other times. we condition our own self to believe it is simply the cards we have been dealt. So we play the blame game. We are not suppose to prosper, we are not suppose to get well. We just sit by the bubbling water while everyone else steps over us to jump in.

Let’s examine the question that Jesus asked, do you want to get well? Jesus didn’t say let me hear your story and I’ll let you know if there is anything I can do to help you. Jesus didn’t say you might be predestined to this life, but I’ll see if I can help. Jesus didn’t say if only I had found you 10 years ago, then maybe I could help. He said, “do you want to get well”? It was a yes or no question. Oh friends, hear the beauty of this, the lame mans excuses did not disqualify from getting his healing. Just say yes to Jesus and take your healing. It’s free!! So let freedom ring in your life.

I get so excited at the next part of that scripture, where Jesus tells the man to pick up his mat and walk. Why take that dirty mat, all the years of pain and sorrow? That mat is so important friends, it reminds us of where we came from and what God has done in our life. It shows the world that we are overcomes. It shows the world that our God is a God of healing and restoration.

Today, I am letting my freedom ring, even through the turmoil in this county. I will continue to pray for this freedom and my country and my leaders and my fellow brothers and sisters. I know what God can do, I have seen it, and I carry my mat proudly today and every day for all to see.