Our Mission

Our Mission at Hope Is The Anchor Healing Studio is to love and restore families

of substance use disorders and to equip them to live in freedom.  The day to day affects on the family impact mental health, financial stability, and legal issues.  Everyone in the family unit is affected causing unhealthy coping methods and constant conflict.

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How We Help

Hope Is The Anchor Healing Studio is a place to focus on individual healing

through personal development, love of self, and managing emotions. We combine substance use education, healthy coping and communication skills with the healing attributes of various types of art.

Through our family group meetings and coaching sessions, a person can learn to work through the stressors of the substance use disorder of someone they love, while finding healing and restoration on a personal level.

We offer a place where individuals and families can come to relax and reflect outside the turmoil of home in short intervals of peace and quiet, in a safe and secure environment.

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We know how difficult it is to be devastated by the substance use disorder of someone you love.

We also know how hard it is to want to get healing for yourself especially when you cannot see the prospect of success.  Hope Is The Anchor Healing Studio is a place for men, women, and children to build relationships, improve self-esteem, and to receive spiritual healing through art.


Donna is an author, pastor, certified mental health coach and founder of Hope Is The Anchor.  Her passion is teaching the healing affects of a spiritual relationship with God and the importance of investing time into personal individual healing.


Greg is a mentor and founder of the Restoration Workshop.  His passion is mentoring men on taking the leading role in the family, and serving God first at home, and in the community.